WWF Superstars – May 27th, 1995

May 27, 1995

From the O’Neil Center in Danbury, CT

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix

This week we have Duke “The Dumpster” Droese vs. Kama in a King of the Ring qualifying match plus Shawn Michaels vs. Tom Prichard


The show starts off with clips from “Monday Night RAW” where Bret Hart challenges Jerry Lawler to one more match and will even let Lawler name the stipulation and went as far as to attack Lawler for not accepting.


Men on a Mission vs. Ross Greenberg & Tim McNeany

Vince brings up how Mabel was the first person to qualify for the “King of the Ring” tournament. Mabel overpowers Greenberg to start as the announcers recall the British Bulldog lifting up Mabel on “Action Zone” a few weeks back. Dok makes some dumb joke about Spike Lee following around MoM due to the New York Knicks being eliminated from the NBA playoffs. McNeany tags in and fires away with little effect then is put away with a belly-to-belly suplex from Mabel (1:40). Mo comes in and helps Mabel beatdown Greenberg & McNeany.

Thoughts: Mo did not even tag in as the focus is all on Mabel, who will be participating in the King of the Ring tournament.


We see another clip from RAW where Shawn Michaels defeated IRS then reconciled with Diesel with Bam Bam Bigelow acting as an intermediary of sorts before settling into being the third wheel.


A clip of the In Your House winner getting the tour of his new home is shown.


King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Kama w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Duke “The Dumpster” Droese

Vince says this is a “tremendous” qualifying match. Don’t know about that, Vinny. He also mentions Kama melting down The Undertaker’s urn and making into a gold chain. Droese clotheslines Kama after an Irish whip sequence but after that runs into a kick in the corner. Kama fires away before using a scoop slam but Droese gets his knees up on a Vader Bomb. Droese fires away from his knees then gets up and lands a few kicks. Droese dropkicks Kama and hits a clothesline before using a snap suplex. Vince imagines Droese being a king as Droese barely gets two with a powerslam. Droese lowers his straps after a back drop but misses an elbow drop and after that Kama catches Droese with a spinebuster for the win (2:51) 1/4*.

Thoughts: Droese hit a couple of decent moves but there was nothing to this match and he lost rather quickly to a transition move as this cements him as a lower midcarder. Kama’s feud with Undertaker was mentioned here and Undertaker does have a KotR qualifying match himself on RAW.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. More hype for the “World Tour de Force” shows in the New York area.


The Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette head out to the ring before the break as Tom Prichard vs. Shawn Michaels will take place next.


Tom Prichard w/ Jim Cornette & Jimmy Del Ray vs. Shawn Michaels

Shawn gets a good reaction from the crowd as Vince acts like this is the crowd reacting to The Beatles debut on the “Ed Sullivan Show.” Vince also refers to Shawn as the “pit bull” of the WWF. Shawn floats over on a back suplex then trips up Prichard before walking on his back. Prichard hammers away but Shawn fights back and slides underneath the ropes and takes Cornette’s tennis racket and whacks him in the ass. Shawn threatens Del Ray with the racket then fights off Prichard. Back inside, Shawn runs wild and sends Prichard outside with a dropkick then poses in the middle of the ring. Shawn steps on Cornette’s fingers then uses a double noggin knocker before fighting off Prichard. Shawn runs wild again until Del Ray uses a low bridge as Dok brings up how Shawn has to overcome the odds once again. Del Ray rams Shawn into the post then comes off of the apron with a somersault senton. Prichard slams Shawn then turns him over for a Boston Crab. Del Ray pushes Prichard’s head to somehow add more pressure to the hold and it just looks ridiculous. Prichard hammers away but Shawn fights back. Shawn tries a slam but clutches his back then Prichard applies a sleeper. The crowd gets behind Shawn as he is now on the mat. Shawn does manage to keep his arm up after the third raise then finally escapes by using a back suplex. Both men are down as the crowd cheers for Shawn. Prichard is up first and uses a suplex for a two count. We go to break then return as Prichard tries another suplex but that gets blocked. Shawn’s back hurts too much to use a suplex of his own but is able to use a swinging neckbreaker. Shawn then pumps up and hits a flying forearm then uses a slam before heading up top where he drops an elbow. Cornette is up on the apron and Shawn heads over to him. Del Ray now tries to come up top but Shawn cuts him off then Shawn drills Prichard with a super kick, which Dok tells us is called “sweet chin music” and gets the win (9:15) **1/2.

Thoughts: Solid match that actually had the formula of a “Saturday Night’s Main Event” Hulk Hogan match where Hulk goes against some midcarder and clowns them and their partner & manager early before getting outnumbered only to come out on top. Shawn did get a strong reaction from the crowd all match long and Vince was hyping him up like crazy on commentary.


We see Shawn admiring his finish on the video wall in the aisle and claims that he is going to be Hall of Fame bound some day.


Vince also tells us that Diesel & Bam Bam Bigelow have accepted Ted DiBiase’s challenge to face Sid & Tatanka.


A brief video package on Ernie Ladd, who will be inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame.


Dok welcomes Diesel & Bigelow to the ring. He is wearing a ridiculous white suit as Vince refers to him as “Matlock.” He asks them about working together despite being on opposite sides weeks ago. Bigelow says that he gained something more important than a championship as he gained a friend. Diesel then says that he went home the other day and listened to Dionne Warwick’s message left on his machine and she predicted some crazy things then refers to Bigelow as “Beasty” and how they are buddies. Diesel then mentions his other friend, Shawn, and how they were at each other’s throats and now buddies again so the stars are lined up right for him and not for someone like Sid. Dok nervously says that Sid asked him to tell Diesel to say next time they met to have the belt shined up nice. Diesel then tells us that his face his cool and mocks Sid’s rapid eye blinking as someone who is nervous. Diesel then says he is the only person to kick out of Sid’s powerbomb and how he even powerbombed Sid’s “goony, spoony” carcass to the mat. Bigelow tells us that the only thing he quit in his life was The Corporation but promises to not quit being Diesel’s friend as they both vow to make The Corporation “bankrupt and broke.” Good lord was this awful. The verbiage here was every bit as bad as used today on WWE programming. Bigelow looked like the lamest good around and Diesel’s wisecracking made him anything but cool. Really, a painful segment to watch and further shows how out of touch the company was at the time. Plus, they did not specify when this tag match would take place but I bet you can guess.


A young girl named Stephanie Caprio is the guest ring announcer.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Brian Walsh

Vince plugs the Superstar Line as Helmsley avoids a corner splash. Helmsley fires away but Walsh comes back with a pair of dropkicks. Helmsley uses a back suplex then stomps away as Vince puts over Diesel vs. Sid matches as part of the World Tour de Force. Helmsley stays in control then hits the Pedigree for the win (2:01).

Thoughts: Vince spent the whole match on commentary putting over the Diesel vs. Sid matches at house shows. Helmsley looked really good in the ring once again and its easy to forget how smooth and fluid he was in the ring before he bulked up a few years later.


A hype video for next week’s Roadie vs. Doink the Clown King of the Ring qualifying match.


The Bushwhackers march over towards the host and yell about needing to see a doctor. Dok keeps saying how he is a doctor so The Bushwhackers say they need help with their bad breath and gross out Hendrix. Vince then tells us that Tekno Team 2000 will be making their debut next. More terrible humor although it did fit The Bushwhackers persona at least.


We get another vignette for The Bodydonnas. This time, however, its not the theme where they are yelling at us from inside of the TV but they remain at the gym. They keep telling us how they are better and we will never be like them. These vignettes are not good but Sunny is clearly the one with the charisma of the duo.


Tekno Team 2000 vs. Brooklyn Brawler & Barry Horowitz

As I recapped a few months ago, Tekno Team 2000 debuted at the March MSG show, defeating the Heavenly Bodies, and Dok says the Tekno Team 2000 are what the New Generation is all about. Troy (Chad Fortune) starts off for his team against Brawler. Vince says that Tekno Team 2000 both played “ball” together at Louisville University as Dok added they graduated at the top of their class. Troy uses a crappy fireman’s carry to take down Brawler to start. Travis tags in and splashes Horowitz for a two count then Troy tags back in with a flying body press for two after Brawler makes the save. The match breaks down as Tekno Team 2000 cleans house then put Horowitz with a Rocker-plex (1:54).

Thoughts: The crowd was dead for this and Troy appeared quite nervous. And, to give you a preview of how their run would go, there only other match on Superstars was almost a year later when they put over the Smoking Gunns.


Another Live Event News segment on the World Tour de Force. Razor tells us that his partner will be Savio Vega.


We see a clip of Bret Hart on the show “Lonesome Dove.”


Next week in action are Bob Holly, Allied Powers, The Undertaker, and debut of The Bodydonnas plus Roadie vs. Doink in a King of the Ring qualifying match.


Final Thoughts: There were some truly awful segments on this show. The only thing good was Shawn vs. Prichard. The qualifying matches for the KotR Tournament have been less than stellar and we still have a few more to go as the PPV is just weeks away.