So if they were to do a live action Thundercats movie using wrestlers as actors, who do you cast where?  The John Cena as Liono idea was great.  Battista as Panthro sounds good to me.  Ronda Rousey as Cheetara?  Pretty much anyone long
and lithe and lean and not named Charlotte works there.  HHH as Tigra?  Most important – who is Mumra – Vince?  Bray?  Puppet Vince from the Funhouse?  Le Champion?  Tony Khan?


You would think that Thundercats would be right in my wheelhouse, but I literally never watched an episode of it.  It's one piece of pop culture that somehow sat completely outside of my personal Venn diagram of 80s kid essentials.  That and the Goonies and the Lost Boys.