Vince reacting to Nitro/big competition

Vince obviously took WCW competition more seriously from Hogan's debut there on. Still, his attempts with The New Generation (feat. Piper, Lawler, Bundy, Backlund!), petty Billionaire Ted & co skits, hypocritical stuff galore, bad decisions (Bret vs Backlund AGAIN in late 95? Jesus) into plain desperation (T&A and ultraviolent nonstop as soon as Russo became head writer), it took Vince a long time to turn the tide, thanks to Austin, Mr. McMahon and guys busting their asses to get over (Foley, Taker, Rock, HHH). From 1994 to WM14 in 1998 they searched and searched to get the right formula, almost went bankrupt/were in serious financial trouble, tried hard admittedly, but retroactively acting like it wasn't a long time filled with bad decisions and shows is so hypocritical (on all their releases, statements and shows about the Monday Night Wars/war vs WCW), isn't it?

Yes?  I feel like your question kind of lost in there somewhere.