Cornette/Brian Adams-Crush and His legal issues

So I was catching up on Jim Cornette's podcast and there is a bit where he's talking about Brian Adams/Crush and suddenly, Cornette goes kind of on a Reagan-esque “Well… I don't recall…” when discussion of Adam's WWF career gets to the topic of his legal issues and stint in prison. Given how Cornette tends to be spot on and fully aware of so much wrestling lore and historia, why would he suddenly go Mr Forgetful on Adams's arrest and how it derailed his career after the work put into him as Crush by the WWF pushing him? Granted, of all of the mid-90s drama the WWF was having at the time, Crush getting arrested may seem like a small scale PR nightmare and all. But it's weird that Cornette of all people playing ignorant of it. Was he close to Adams and doesn't want to speak ill of the dead? Or is gun hording (which IIRC was what Crush got arrested for) a time honored tradition amongst wrestlers of Cornette's heyday and he doesn't want to throw stones that Adams got caught for it?

Or maybe he just doesn't recall?