Biggest female star


Who is the biggest female wrestling star in North America in the post WWF expansion era?  In kayfabe it’s gotta be Becky but in money drawn is it also Becky based on merch or do we say Sable/Chyna get credit for some MNW ppv buys or ratings?

Bonus question – if you were to adorn a MOUNTainside with the faces of the biggest female stars, who would you RUSH to put there??  Let’s say just four names, no MORE.

I’d say (in no order)





I could be convinced remove Trish and add Ronda.

Honorable mentions:  Elizabeth, Lita, Big Steph, Sunny, Sherri, Charlotte

Depending on our definitions here, it's gotta be Ronda Rousey, doesn't it?  Even just going by the relatively short time she was in WWE, no one moved the needle like her and you can attribute a pretty sizeable chunk of Wrestlemania's draw to her as well.