WCW Boston Brawl

Hey Scott

I was watching Souled Out 98 last night (probably one of the better late 90s WCW PPVs) and they air an advert for an internet exclusive PPV called Boston Brawl. I didn't even know this thing existed. I looked up the card and it actually sounds pretty… good.
Sting vs Hogan in a cage match, Bret vs Flair, Benoit vs Eddie, Steiners vs Raven & Saturn, Jericho vs Malenko, and what must be one of the earlier Goldberg squashes.

Did you ever catch this one and how was it perceived at the time? They never did another one as far as I know, so I guess people streaming wrestling PPVs on their computers just never caught on. If by some miracle, wrestling companies ever found a way to make
money by streaming wrestling content, maybe on some kind of network, by charging a monthly subscription, is it fair to say WCW was actually years ahead of its time in that regard.

Wasn’t that their wacky audio only thing?  What would even be a streaming service in 1998, Real Player?  I definitely haven’t seen it and have little recollection of it.