Friday Night Party Thread: October 16, 2020

We made it!

So today’s big news is coming right the heck out of nowhere: Goldberg will be in the Thunderdome tonight!  If I had to guess, I’d say that WWE wants that Reigns/Goldberg Network money, and they’ll push for a Survivor Series match.  And I swear, if Goldberg wins, Vince McMahon should just retire immediately.

Also tonight, Reigns defends against Braun Strowman, while the New Day have their trios farewell before Big E spreads his wings and conquers the WWE.

Meanwhile, there’s a special Season Premier Preview Show at 7:30, featuring Booker T, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jeff Jarrett, and David Ortiz.  This would mark perhaps the only time in history where the one athlete who ISN’T a pro wrestler has taken the most steroids.

No word yet on how many matches for AEW Dark, so I can only assume they’re still taping 52 hours later.

And now, a look at my AEW Dark Match of the Week as Shotty Lee and Big Cezar Bononi face the Lucha Bros.

Okay, folks, I we went over the rules.  I want a good clean thread, and I expect you to obey the mod’s instructions at all times.  Now, touch gloves, go to your keyboards, and come out posting.

Enjoy the weekend!