Daily News Update – October 16, 2020

Good morning!  My internet was offline most of last night because I was getting upgraded to the new 300 Teraflippityflopwhatever service so I can legally download stuff I’ve purchased legally even faster now!  Anyway, upshot is that I didn’t really have opportunity to review anything last night, so it’s good old RAW/Nitro reposts this morning!  But hey, as NBC used to say, if you haven’t read it yet, it’s new to you!

WWE Thinks They Have The Next Steve Austin vs. The Rock


Why WWE Broke Up New Day


Indy Title Belt Stolen, Thief Tries To Sell It On Craigslist



YouTube is just randomly throwing wrestling s--- at me on my recommended list now, it seems like.  So here’s Scott Hall doing a promo in Memphis in 1987!