The Womens Title during the Invasion

Invasion question….DRINK!

In real life Chyna left the company in May 01 and the WWF decided to just ignore the womens title for the duration of the Invasion angle, only re-instating it at the very end.  A couple of fantasy booking questions..

1) If Chyna had stayed around do you see her having any major role in the Invasion or would she be like a lot of the WWF midcard roster and phased down/ignored?

2) Do you think keeping the womens title around would have benefited the storyline at all?

3) Were there any trained female wrestlers from WCW/ECW you would have liked to see included in the angle?

No, the title was worthless anyway. Maybe Madusa as a one off gag where she retrieves the belt from a garbage can or something but that entire division needed to be rebooted and that’s what happened.