Scott.   We all know what a train wreck Tammy Sytch was/is.   However let’s imagine a world in which she didn’t have so many personal demons.   What would have her WWE career looked like?  What would have been the best way to use her?   Would she have lasted into the attitude era or beyond?   Curious what your thoughts are. 

Thanks as always for your time!

I think she had potential as a main event manager act but not with Candido, and unfortunately that was always going to be an anchor on her potential.  I could see where they were going with the LOD connection though.  The problem is that they were going to reach a point where she was seen as “the old guard” when they hit 2001, no matter what.  That’s a tough one to overcome unless you can reinvent yourself as a wrestler or something else.  Had she been stable enough to be around in the modern era, she would have excelled as the authority figure trope though.