PRIME TIME THURSDAY Thread: October 15, 2020

“Good evening, wrestling fans, and welcome to Prime Time Thursday.”

“I’m ready for your questions.”

“What do you mean, Brain?”

“It’s time for my town hall!”

“Town hall?  That’s not on the schedule tonight!”

“Sure it is!  All the other Presidential candidates are doing it!”

“I don’t recall you running for President, Brain.”

“What are you talking about?  I’d be much better than whoever these humanoids are voting for.  Look!  I even have an endorsement from a major newspaper!”

“You’re not fit to be president of a fan club!”

“Hey — I bet I’d do a better job than Jack Tunney.”

“HA!  Folks, if you do have questions for Weasel over here, make sure to leave them and we’ll see how good he is as a candidate.”

“And no interrupting me like that other guy, Monsoon.”

“Like you’d let me.  Folks, in the meantime, let’s go to our feature bout, as the current FTW champion Brian Cage takes on the big man from Massachusetts, Donovan Dijak!”

“Oh, that reminds me: if elected, I’m changing Monsoon’s name here to Trashcan Lid.  He’d fit right in.”


“It’s a step up!  My first idea was Banana Peel!”

“You’d better not keep this up all night!”

(Bring the insanity.)