What would be different if there were crowds?

Hi Scott,

Big fan of your blog. 

Some hypothetical questions,

It Covid didn't exist and we had fans,

Which angles would be dropped? Would the retribution angle continue if fans s--- all over it? Would fans chant boring during Raw Underground?

Which wrestlers would be getting a push that currently aren't due to loud reactions?

Which wrestlers would be lower on the card due to negative reactions?

Which reactions do you think wrestlers would be getting that debuted during Covid area? Examples, are Keith Lee, Matt Riddle getting big pops? What kind of reactions would all the AEW debuts get?

Thanks in advance

Well, Brodie Lee and Matt Hardy were both supposed to debut on that Rochester show that got canceled for example.  That would have been HUGE.  Keith Lee probably would have been a big reaction although they still would have ruined him.   Matt Riddle, I dunno.  Retribution would have been laughed out of the building.