Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #390 (14/10/2000)

Hello You!

I must say, these Hardcore TV recaps are starting to become a bit of a drag and I’m not sure whether I’ll stick with them. The show is mostly fine and occasionally you’ll get a really hot match, but I’m just not really feeling it with them anymore.

Part of me really wants to finish the run though, especially as we’re so close to the end, so I’ll keep plugging away and we’ll see where we end up. If one week you don’t see the Hardcore TV review though, it’s probably because I’ve given up.

This week’s matches are taped from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Calling the action are Joey Styles and Joel Gertner

Joey and Joel Gertner do the in-ring introduction, with the crowd booing all the sports teams that Joey mentions but then popping at the mention of beer. Gertner targets Cyrus and Lou E. Dangerously in his opening dirty rhyme.

We get clips of Jerry Lynn winning the ECW Title at Anarchy Rulz 2000, which leads to him joining the commentators in the ring. Joey and Joel congratulate him on his win, but before he can address the crowd he is interrupted by Justin Credible and Francine, as this has gotten very Monday Night Raw all of a sudden. Credible blames Francine for the loss at the pay per view, saying she should have taken out New Jack. Francine drops the bomb that she won’t be putting out until Credible wins the belt back. This of course angers up Credible’s blood, which leads to Lynn calling him a bitch and saying he’ll face him any time with the belt on the line. This is of course the cue for the actual #1 contender Steve Corino to show up, along with Dawn Marie and Jack Victory (HIGH SPOT), and it looks like Corino and Dawn already are having issues. That didn’t take long. Lynn goads Corino and Credible to fight, which they do, and that leads to Rhino running down to GORE everyone who isn’t Credible. The heel beat down commences, with Corino bleeding, because it was a day of the week ending in a “y”. That segment was very WWF/WCW-esque and I didn’t really care for it.

November to Remember will be on the 5th of November 2000 from the Odeum in Illinois. Tonight it’ll be Justin Credible Vs New Jack.

Simon Diamond joins us, sans Johnny Swinger who currently has a cracked orbital bone thanks to Christian York and Joey Matthews. Diamond grabs a mic and says that he has a mystery partner for his match with the young lads tonight, which leads to the reveal of the newly heel Chris Chetti.

Opening Match
Simon Diamond and Chris Chetti Vs Christian York and Joey Matthews

Chetti’s doing a much more intense act now that he’s gone heel, and he jumpstarts the fight, leading to all four men going at it. Things head to the floor, with the heels getting the better of it at first, but the young lads fight back and then get stereo dives off the entrance stage. A Diamond cheap shot allows Chetti to cut Matthews off back inside, and that leads to the heat segment, which Matthews sells well.

They push the idea that the heels are not a cohesive unit, by having them keep blind tagging themselves in and then jawing with one another. I like it actually, as Diamond and Swinger had a notable issue with Nova and Chetti before Chetti’s heel turn, and just because Chetti is now a heel also doesn’t mean he has to magically like Diamond all of a sudden. Matthews eventually catches the heels with a double DDT and tags in York, who does a nice hot tag segment. Things break down and Chetti decides he’s had enough, which leads to the young lads doubling on Diamond for the three count.


Decent tag action

Nova tries to attack Chetti following the match, but security comes into the ring to break it up. It looks like we might get a match, but Lou E. Dangerously clocks Nova with his mobile phone, and that looks like a new manager/client pairing.

Danny Doring and Roadkill cut a promo on The FBI, saying that the mood is about to change when they take their ECW Tag Titles from them.

Match Two
ECW Tag Team Titles
Champs: The FBI (Guido and Mamaluke) w/ Big Sal Vs Danny Doring and Roadkill

Big Sal has been the difference maker for The FBI so far, always making sure they manage to retain the belts somehow. It’s good action to start, with Guido and Doring doing a really nice chain wrestling counter sequence. Doring was really starting to come into his own around this time and the team with Roadkill was probably at its height of both popularity and chemistry. Speaking of Roadkill, he comes in and throws the Champs around a bit, with Mamaluke in particular taking some fantastic bumps for the big man. Doring dives out onto the Champs and Roadkill adds a dive off the apron onto Sal, as this has been a great babyface shine for the challengers thus far.

The Buggy Bang looks to end it for the challengers, but Sal provides a distraction and that allows Guido to cut Doring off, leading to the heat segment. Doring sells that well and the tag offence from the Champs looks good. The FBI were never really going to get a chance in the WWF due to their size, but in a place like ECW where size was less of an issue they were a really solid mid-card heel duo. The heat doesn’t last long, as Doring makes the hot tag to Roadkill and he runs wild whilst the heels continue taking great bumps to make him look good.

The ref ends up accidentally getting squished in the corner, which means he isn’t there to count the pin when the challengers get the Buggy Bang on Guido. Sal comes in and takes out both of the challengers whilst the referee is down, and goes as far to squish poor Roadkill with a Bonzai Drop. Guido makes the pin following that, and that not surprisingly is enough for the win, as Sal proves to be the difference maker once again.


Good match, with the finish being cheap but also continuing the story of the Champs needing Sal to make sure they keep winning.

We see clips of Da Baldies attacking Chilly Willy, which leads to Rodney Mack seemingly coming to Icey Peckers rescue.

Main Event
Justin Credible w/ Francine Vs New Jack

This will be an interesting test for Credible, especially as New Jack isn’t always the most cooperative guy when it comes to selling and allowing his opponent to get some proper offence. New Jack clobbers Credible with his bin full of weapons, including a crutch and a stapler. Credible bleeds from that, with Francine not being especially sympathetic to his plight. Credible does manage to get some offence of his own, using the weapons and throwing punches, but New Jack is soon back up in control of things again.

The referee ends up taking a weapon shot by mistake (Urgh, did we need ANOTHER ref bump?) and that leads to heel ref Danny Daniels coming down help Credible. Spike Dudley takes him out though, which leads to New Jack coming off the top with a chair shot to pick up the three count over Credible.

RATING: 1/2*

I’m shocked by that ending to be honest. New Jack gets a pop for his hardcore spots, but he’s not a legitimate top of the card guy, so having Credible do a job for him here seemed really out of place. The match was pretty rubbish too, with Credible barely getting any offence and New Jack mostly no selling what offence he did get anyway.

Rob Van Dam will be on the show next week, as will Rhino, whilst Balls Mahoney takes on Tajiri, in what should be a very strange pairing. We’ll also get an update on Super Crazy, whilst Steve Corino will take on Jerry Lynn for the ECW Title.

Joel ponders if that loss puts Credible out of the Title picture, which leads to the commentary team hyping up the Title match for next week.

Corino cuts a promo backstage, with Dawn Marie annoyed that Corino cares about winning the belt more than her outfit. She’s got a point, that’s a lovely outfit.

In Conclusion

A couple of good matches this week, but the weird Raw-like opening and the bad Main Event dragged it down a bit for me. Corino Vs Lynn should be good next week though, so I’m looking forward to that at least.