Has Vince ever really had his “finger on the pulse”?

Hey Scott,

   For the past several years, poor creative direction in WWE (maybe best personified by the years-long effort to establish bland baby face Roman as the top guy, prior to his recent heel turn) has been attributed to Vince being out of touch with what the fans really want. My question is has he ever really been that good at determining what the people want? That isn’t to say he’s never had a good idea. It just seems, from everything “the boys” and behind the scenes guys say in podcasts/interviews, that he’s never really initiated a creative direction that set the world on fire and did great business. It seems that he’s had to be almost beaten into submission (figuratively) to give in and go along with other people’s money ideas. His contributions then come down to eventually caving in and then going “more, louder, faster!” (Especially with the Attitude era). And it seems most of the ideas that were his sort of, well, sucked. Your thoughts?

He was great at it in the 80s, and I kind of feel like coming up with Hulkamania and reinventing the business gives him a free pass for a long time afterwards.