Rock Star Gary reflects on WCCW 03-09-1985

Taped from Dallas, TX

Airdate: March 9, 1985 (taped 02/22)

Attendance: unknown

Hosted by Bill Mercer

Will Kerry survive in the main event against the “Crippler”? Who will be in his corner to counter Cornette? And who will join me for this rather hairy episode?

Well, Alex, I was looking for something a little more risqué and less Republican.

Wow, Scott! I love the new attitude.

Opening montage.

Match 1: One Man Gang (w/ Gary Hart) versus Jack Victory


  • Gang sandwiched Victory in the corner before applying a standing choke.
  • When he hung Victory out to dry on the top rope, Gang followed with a hammerlock slam.
  • He then delivered a 747 and pinned Victory at 2:58.

Rating: DUD

Summary: Showcase match for Gang.

Video airs of the feud between the Fantastics and Midnight Express including footage from Mid-South.

Match 2 (non-title): NWA American tag champions the Midnight Express (w/ Jim Cornette) versus Brian Adias & Johnny Mantell


  • During introductions, ring announcer Marc Lowrance welcomed Sweet Brown Sugar back to WCCW.
  • The Dallas faithful chastised Cornette with a hilarious “Jim’s a wimp” chant, and Adias nailed Eaton on the apron.
  • As Mantell tagged in, he hooked an abdominal stretch upon Eaton.
  • He then rolled up Eaton for 1.
  • When Cornette got up on the apron to distract referee Rick Hazzard, Eaton came in illegally and stomped Adias. SNEAKY!
  • Mantell then distracted Hazzard, and Cornette assisted his men with some chicanery. How dastardly!
  • After Eaton provided Adias with a swinging neckbreaker, he got 2.
  • Hot tag Mantell.
  • With all four wrestlers in the ring, Mantell hooked a side-Russian leg sweep upon Eaton.
  • Since Hazzard was tied up with Adias and Condrey in the babyface corner, Mantell could only earn a false pin.
  • Before I could finish typing that, Cornette snuck into the ring and LAMBASTED Mantell in the back with his tennis racquet. Evil!
  • Eaton then pinned Mantell at 16:51.

Rating: *

Summary: Mat-based match with lots of rest holds. It also lacked tag team synchronicity and storytelling. Oh well, at least the women in the Sportatorium let Cornette know how they feel about him.

Right, Boof?

With that look in your eye, Boof, you aim to make Scott your forever man.

Match 3: The “Modern Day Warrior” Kerry Von Erich (w/ Sunshine) versus the “Crippler” Rip Oliver (w/ Jim Cornette)


  • Before the bell rang, Sunshine warned Cornette not to interfere, or he’ll get more than what he bargained for. She also informed us that she will have a new protégé to assist her against guys like Oliver.
  • Who could it be?
  • Kerry blocked a hip toss and countered with a backslide for 2.
  • When Oliver put a boot into Kerry’s midsection, he followed with a bear hug.
  • Kerry reversed the hold, forced Oliver’s shoulders down, and got 2.
  • As Cornette warned Sunshine to “stay away,” he referred to her as a “hussy.” Wait until he meets Missy Hyatt.
  • Regardless, Oliver escaped, but Kerry reversed a cross corner whip.
  • He then backdropped Oliver, delivered an elbow drop, and got 2.
  • After Kerry hit a knee drop, he attempted an Iron claw.
  • Oliver blocked it, so Kerry switched to the midsection. Clever!
  • While Oliver escaped, they botched a rope sequence. D’oh!
  • Kerry then reversed an Irish whip and applied a sleeper.
  • When a mid-ring collision also sent referee Bronko Lubich flying, Kerry covered Oliver.
  • Suddenly, Cornette jumped in the ring to whack him with the tennis racquet.
  • Unfortunately for Cornette, Kerry tripped him to thwart the attack.
  • Lubich then called for the bell to disqualify Oliver at 11:14.

Rating: *

Summary: This match had more action than the previous one, but that’s not saying much. Can Sunshine play a part in rescuing Kerry?

After the match, Oliver attempts a shoulder breaker, but Kerry escapes and CREAMS him. Lubich raises Kerry’s arm in victory much to the delight of the Dallas faithful.

What’s that, Pamela?

Conclusion:  Certainly not an episode I’d recommend as there were a lot of rest holds in tonight’s show. If I were you, I’d grab a few brews in anticipation of next week’s episode.

Next week, the Midnight Express defend their titles against the Fantastics.

Careful, Scott, that could make you go blind.

TV Rating: NONE

Stay tuned for WCCW 03-16-85!

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