Orange Cassidy

What's up Scott,

So I enjoy Orange alot, I also think he happens to be a under rated in ring performer but I just read a article on wrestletalk that shared my same sentiments. Orange Cassidy has a unique gimmick that can run tired quickly if over exposed. So I always felt like he should only wrestle on special shows or every so often. Like a “Brock Schedule” so to speak but they've been using him more lately and I think its wearing his drawing ability. Perfect example is this past weeks Dynamite when he was revealed as Cody's next challenger, there was alot of disappointment on Twitter and by a few people I know who like him but there getting sick of seeing the same routine often. Especially since he just had a shot at Brodie. I'm hoping AEW goes back to scaling a little with him, was wondering what your opinion was? 

Strongly agree.  Less is more with Orange.