On the impact of referring to someone as a “future champion”

Hey Scott,

Just want to throw you a question for the Blog to debate.  First, congrats to you on being able to skip the weekly shows entirely.  I wish I could get by only listening to Bryan and Vinny but I need some background noise on while I pack up to move.  

This week on SDL, Michael Cole managed to describe Bianca Belair as a “slam dunk future champion” while citing the team of Jeff Hardy as a “5x Intercontinental Champion” and Matt Riddle as a “future champion in his own right.”
I think you know where I'm going with this, but when every Superstar is touted as a “future champion,” why even have the belts?  There's a reason why Uncle Dave continuously brings up Hirooki Goto as the best example of why not everyone needs the main title.

Dude, they literally just did an angle where the two tag champions TRADED BELTS.  I don’t know why they even bother with having them at this point either.