Long time reader first time writer – AEW fan questions

Hi Scott,

Long time reader/fan, first time writing to bod.  This is a little long since I never have written in before, I suppose.  Huge AEW fan.  So much that I barely pay attention to WWE.  It’s old school, new school, attitude Era, Ecw elements.  Just the best bits of everything rolled into one.  Must see tv for me which is first time in awhile for wrestling. 

That said, I feel like they miss on some simple logic/and short term booking pauses  Some examples…

1.  The Blade getting his house in order – pauses?

2. Brodie Lee being mad at Colt Cabana – paused?

And this one is more about logic using just this one example but feel we see similar things from time to time…

3.  Shouldn’t Santana and Ortiz be upset that no one from the inner circle came to help them out during the parking lot brawl?  Particularly since Orange Cassidy came to help his group get the win?  It feels weird stuff like this with these factions doesn’t come up. 

It’s just odd to me that the company seems so good with long term booking: Jericho/mjf, the elite going heel/ Adam page drama that these smaller storylines seem to pop up then get delayed or ignored.  I get things like the Luther/Brandi Rhodes faction was a disaster and they just moved on from it but at least they came up with a half ass thing in dark to move on from it.

I’m hoping when Jimmy Havoc and PAC can come back they will have gripes over their associates seemingly moved on as well and they don’t just forget about it.   I get with covid, changes had to be made.

Last thing – I feel giving Cody the belt so soon was the first decision I really disagreed with from the company.  Brodie is red hot just seemed too soon.  I’d get it a little if Cody was going heel but he then went on to firm up he’s a baby face after.  Head scratcher for me and it appears most on social media agree.

Thanks for reading,


Fair enough and I can’t really disagree with anything here.