Is Randy Savage underrated?

When people discuss the GOATs or their ‘Mount Rushmore’ he never seems to end up on the list – why? He checks all the boxes – excellent worker, great promo, he drew money, crossover appeal – he’s a household name arguably being #2 behind Hogan in hottest period in the business.  What gives? His post-1997 career wasn’t good and he ended his WWF run as a commentator but he was probably a better draw than anyone in the NWA during his 88 run.  It seems like he doesn’t get enough credit.

You can certainly make a case for him.  I love him to death but he was so wrecked after his WWF run ended and I think it hurt his legacy a lot. Plus when given the ball in 88, he didn’t draw.  Yeah you can say “But….” and add a lot of asterisks, but he just wasn’t Hogan.  But if you wanna make a case, he’s still up there.