Is this why I’m a jaded wrestling fan?

Was thinking about it this morning…

I first started watching in January 1994.

The first big feud I was exposed to was the Hart Brothers angle.

WrestleMania X was the first PPV I saw, which featured the incredible Bret/Owen match.

The first ladder match I ever saw was Shawn/Razor at that same show.

The first cage match I saw was Bret/Owen at SummerSlam.

So, basically, the first versions of every match I saw (singles blow off, ladder, cage) also happened to be some of the best ever done. Is this why I'm so hard to please as a fan now?

We’re all addicts chasing that first high in our own way, my friend.  For me nothing will ever top Piper smashing up the Flower Shop on one leg or Orndorff turning on Hogan.  It’s the nature of the business.