Ridiculous Fall Brawl 95 observation

So i'm listening to the 83 weeks podcast about this show, 2 great matches, hilarious vigenettes with Orndorff and Hulks team, and when Conrad reads off the main event, i had the wierdest thought:

I was 11 at the time and yes was moving on past Hulkamnia, but 5-6 years earlier, if they were all in the same company somehow, and you told me The Megapowers with Sting & (lets switch here) Beefcake were feuding against Earthquake, Kamala, Heel Luger and Haku….

In my whacked out time traveling booking that i would have marked out insanely at that time at the age of 4-5, how many house shows, clashes/SNMEs, ppvs could you have sold out with that feud? 

In 95?  Not many.  Maybe 5 years earlier.