The Biggest Difference

Hey Scott–

There are people who are going to be apologists for AEW and WWE no matter what. There are going to be haters for AEW and WWE no matter what, ignoring the fact that you can actually like two things outside of a vacuum, and it's okay.

But the biggest difference between the companies for me is this; AEW, realizing what an important part Chris Jericho is to their, and wrestling's, legacy, do a show-long tribute to him.

Meanwhile, Jerry Lawler just celebrated 50 years in wrestling, and his tribute comes… on an indie show that took place September 26th.

I know WWE has scant time on the airwaves, what with a paltry 5 hours between Raw and Smackdown, and far be it from me to suggest we take TV time away from Slapjack and T-Bar, but you'd think a company that loves crawling up its own ass for nostalgia purposes would find SOME time to celebrate one of the major personalities of the Attitude Era…

To be fair to them, if you hang out on the WWE Network they're so far up their own ass that their head gets stuck in their colon.  There's documentaries galore and they'll usually feature whatever's going on in the wrestling world with a bunch of feature matches on the front page.  For example right now they have a “Draft History” playlist, a “Roman Reigns wrecks everybody” playlist, and a “Throwing in the towel” playist.  It's pretty neat, actually.  

That being said, hell yeah they need to do a better job of honoring people on the main shows, especially with their desperation to fill all the time they have.  Honoring legends in general has never been Vince's strong suit, although we certainly know that HHH is more of a driving force behind that kind of initiative.