Daily News Update – October 9, 2020

So yeah, furnace update.  It was EXPENSIVE.  However, it turns out that when we renewed the mortgage with a new lender, we also got a home insurance package included that covers EVERYTHING mechanical in the house for a $50 deductible, done deal.  There are actually furnace issues I can fix myself, but in this case the motor was haywire and suddenly I had an $800 bill on my hands with winter on the way.  But now it will be paid for me, huzzah!

So that was MY day.  How’s yours looking?

Ridge Holland Injured On NXT


WrestleMania 37 Could Have Full Attendance


Retribution May Have Lost A Core Member



Also that second story just reinforces that Florida is INSANE.  Here in Saskatchewan we’ve had cities with a bit of increased rate of positive tests heading into Thanksgiving weekend and the government is FREAKING, sending out emails and text warnings to people to limit all non-essential travel and stay home if possible.  Meanwhile DeSantis is like “Well, mission accomplished!” and it’s time to open up the state to football stadiums full of unmasked people, apparently.  Good fucking luck with that.  Hopefully Trump has enough of the miracle drug only tested on 10 people in the world so far that he’s going to apparently give out to everyone in the country for free.  He’s gonna need it.

Also this keeps coming up on my YouTube recommended feed for some reason so let’s just feature it and get it over with.  I don’t know if WWE is going to have it taken down or what but it’s been hanging around for a few days now.  Apparently the full Flair v. Kerry cage match where Michael Hayes turns.