The PRIME TIME Thursday Night Thread: October 8, 2020

“Good evening fans, and welcome to your Thursday night get-together that we call Prime Time.  I’m Gor-HEY!  Stop hitting me!”

“I wasn’t hitting you.  There was a fly on your head; I was shooing it off!”

“There was not.  I’d know that!”

“I’m not sure you’d notice, Monsoon; not like there’s a brain up there to feel it walk on you!”

“That’ll be QUITE enough out of you.  Folks, we want to emphasize that if you want some of the hottest wrestling action all weekend, FITE TV is the place to be!  The Collective, a series of independent wrestling shows, will be taking place starting tomorrow in Indianapolis, Indiana, and with the variety on hand, there’s sure to be something for you.”

“I’ll be signing autographs at the shows, you know.”

“You?  Who’d want YOUR autograph?”

“Show you what you know, Ape-man; I’m Indiana’s favorite Bobby!”

“And where are you gonna be?  At the spot where Ric Flair choked away the WWF Title?”

“Don’t start with me, Monsoon!”

“The feeling’s mutual.  Folks, it’s time to go to the ring for our feature bout as Impact Wrestling superstar Eddie Edwards steps into the ring to face the wily Oney Lorcan!”

“A one-y and a two-y, and a whap!”


“The fly came back!”

(Bring the insanity.)