Not Geared Up for Full Gear

I think AEW did a great job building up next week’s anniversary show, but isn’t it coming at the expense of the PPV?  There will be only three weeks of TV to build to the show and the only time it’s been mentioned is in the tournament with Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, and just a bunch of warm bodies.  (Sidebar… Why are we doing another tournament where the Finals are painfully obvious six months after the TNT Tournament was just filler to get to Cody vs. Lance Archer?)

Seems like either a BS finish to Mox-Archer or hotshotting the title onto Archer in order to do a rematch at the PPV might be their only way to get to a main event title match with such a short time to build – who else could Moxley face that he hasn’t already beaten and isn’t in the tournament?

The possibility of FTR vs. Young Bucks and MJF vs. Jericho are good, but it also seems like it would be speeding those stories up to put them on Full Gear.  Just seems like with 3 1/2 months between the last two PPVs and all the hype for the Anniversary show that it would greatly benefit them to do the next PPV closer to Christmas than in just a few weeks.

They've earned a lot of goodwill and trust from me, even if the last one wasn't their best PPV.  I'm actually really curious where they're gonna end up with the World title match, because I don't see Archer getting it when Moxley is still drawing ratings and carrying the promotion.  Regardless, the shows are definitely feeling like they're going somewhere, even if we can't quite see where the endgame is, so that's fine with me.