Dumbest/worst short-term WCW heel run

Always was fascinated by these 3. Seemingly all of them didn't really recover and never got to their popularity back from before their ill-fated turn:

– Road Warriors turning on Dusty in 1988. Hotshot booking. RW floundered around afterwards until leaving for WWF

– Sting in the fall of 1999, nobody needed it, nobody bought it.

– Goldberg in 2000. Russorific. Swerve for swerve's sake. Hey, let's beat up Duggan's kidneys!

The Road Warriors turn made sense in context at the time, because they had gone as far as they could as babyfaces without winning the titles.  They just couldn't sustain the heel reaction and Dusty got fired anyway.  I can't hate on that one too much.  

Sting in 1999 was ridiculous, as was Goldberg.