Daily News Update – October 8, 2020

Yay, gotta get my furnace looked at this morning.  Being a grown-up homeowner SUCKS.

I beat Super Mario Galaxy last night, so now I’ve just gotta go back and conquer Super Mario Sunshine to complete the 3D All Stars collection.  I may have mentioned before, but Galaxy plays SO much better with the Joycon grip than it did on the Wii, I think.  Whereas I think Super Mario 64 is weaker with it, and I probably need a real Pro controller to get the best out of it instead of my generic EBGames one.  Anyone wanna lend me the $90 they cost up here?

Hey, time for some hard-hitting headlines from Tommy this morning!

Andrade And Angel Garza Officially Split


Vince McMahon’s Cement Filled Corvette Has Been Found (It’s Growing Plants)


Kevin Nash Is In A New Movie