Best Tournament overall?

Tournaments Rule! You've said that for years and when done right, such a great way to get numerous players involved without risking much in wins and losses. So i decided to rewatch the CWC from years ago from the beginning, and it took me back how much i enjoyed every episode and couldn't wait till the next.  Granted they weren't all masterpieces, and Ho Ho Lun wasn't setting my world on fire, but i gotta say, i couldn't think of a better overall tournament. A few notes why:

My introduction to TJ, Cedric, Tozawa and Koto Ibushi who was tourney MVP, seeing what the hype was for Zac Sabre Jr.(i do like submissions), Kendricks comeback, Tajiri getting one last go, Gentlemen Jack!, Hidden gems of matches spread throughout (another thanks to Koto).  Also finishers FINISHING a match.  Only TJ kicked out of Kotos powerbomb and then went on to win!

What's your fav? What's the worst?
I think the best is still the 1994 Super J Cup.  Just incredible tape trader bait up and down.  The worst has to be King of the Ring 95, I’d say.  Is there even a serious contender otherwise?