What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – July 29, 1995

Chip Kessler and Les Thatcher call the action from the Jellico High School tapings.  Kessler has been trying to channel Vince McMahon to kick off each program by screaming “Neexxtt” but he just ends up sounding like he is grunting on the toilet.

Opening Contest:  Brad Armstrong (4-0) pins D’Lo Brown (1-2) after a side Russian leg sweep in 54 seconds:

Brown gets in some token offense at the beginning of the match, cornering Armstrong and laying in some shoulder thrusts.  However, Armstrong hits a side Russian leg sweep out of nowhere to stay undefeated.

Armstrong tells Thatcher that he is not going to look past USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Billy Jack Haynes at The Super Bowl of Wrestling.  He promises to win that title and then win the SMW Championship from Buddy Landel at Fire on the Mountain.

Unabom and Jim Cornette hype Unabom’s match against the Undertaker at The Super Bowl of Wrestling.  Cornette says that Unabom comes from “the Valley of Death” and does his own version of gothic storytelling that is typically the Undertaker’s forte.  He claims that Unabomb will make the Undertaker rest in peace.

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer do a rebuttal promo.  Bearer says that when they were last in SMW Cornette was their ally but now he is their enemy.  The Undertaker says that Cornette has a shallow soul that everyone can read, and he has thrown a young man to the lions.

A video package hypes the Undertaker-Unabom clash.

Thatcher interviews Commissioner Bob Armstrong and the Wolfman.  Armstrong says that the Wolfman wanted a first blood match against Jim Cornette, but the Wolfman has hurt his “posterior jiblet” and cannot wrestle at Fire on the Mountain.  Using his substitution powers, Armstrong says he will be taking the Wolfman’s place.  Cornette and the Punisher storm out and complain.  Cornette says that Armstrong should face the Punisher at The Super Bowl of Wrestling unless he is a coward, so Armstrong accepts.

The updated card for Fire on the Mountain in Johnson City, Tennessee on August 12 is as follows:  Tommy Rich vs. Boo Bradley with Bradley blindfolded (Rich’s dream match); a six-man battle royal between the Punisher, the Dynamic Duo, Tommy Rich, Buddy Landel, and Brad Armstrong (the Punisher’s dream match); the Rock N’ Roll Express vs. the Headbangers in a match where if the Express lose they have to wear dressed (Thrasher’s dream match); Boo Bradley & the Mongolian Stomper against Tommy Rich & the Punisher in a falls count anywhere match (Bradley’s dream match); Brad Armstrong vs. a mystery opponent (Buddy Landel’s dream match); Bob Armstrong vs. Jim Cornette in a first blood match (the Wolfman’s dream match); the THUGS defending the SMW Tag Team Championship against the Dynamic Duo in a no time limit, no disqualification, loser leaves SMW match where Jim Cornette is the special guest referee (Al Snow’s dream match); Brad Armstrong vs. Buddy Landel for the held-up SMW Championship in a lumberjack match where the lumberjacks will carry tennis racquets (Armstrong’s dream match); the Rock N’ Roll Express against the winner of the THUGS-Duo match for the SMW Tag Team Championship (Ricky Morton’s dream match); and the Dirty White Boy’s dream match will be announced at the event.

A video package hypes the Mongolian Stomper to the tune of the Halloween theme.

Tommy Rich (w/Jim Cornette & the Punisher) (2-0) defeats Boo Bradley (16-6) after the Punisher interferes at 4:24:

Bradley has changed his ring attire again, this time sporting a black singlet as his gear of choice.  He works some comedy early, leaving Rich high and dry on a criss-cross sequence and toying with him when setting up a test of strength, but soon gets worked over by the former NWA World Champion.  When Bradley tries a comeback by suplexing Rich into the ring, the Punisher trips Bradley and Rich falls on top for the win.  There just was not much to this one.  Rating:  ½*

After the match, the Punisher cheap shots and attacks Bradley and Terry Gordy joins the beating.  After a few moments, Brad and Bob Armstrong make the save, although the Punisher takes his time leaving the ring as he thinks he is indestructible.

WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels says that their roles in the wrestling business have changed over the last ten years as Landel used to be somebody while Michaels was a nobody.  Michaels warns Landel to keep an eye on Jim Cornette before saying that he is a somebody now and is going to stay that way.

A video package hypes Michaels to the tune of Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”  A lot of the footage comes from WrestleMania X.

Kessler interviews Buddy Landel and Jim Cornette.  Cornette claims that Landel will break Michaels heart in Knoxville at The Super Bowl of Wrestling.  Landel tells Cornette not to interfere before going into an A+ promo about his origins in Knoxville, Tennessee and how drugs and alcohol wrecked his chances at being the NWA World Champion in the 1980s, turning him into a wrestling vagabond.  He says that he sees his match against Michaels as the culmination of his comeback story, promising everyone in his hometown of Knoxville that he is going to be the new Intercontinental Champion.

Non-Title Match:  The Headbangers (3-1) beat the THUGS (SMW Tag Team Champions) (7-1) via disqualification when the Rock N’ Roll Express interfere at 3:38:

The Headbangers do not manage a lot of offense against the champions before all hell breaks loose in the ring.  Thrasher DDT’s the Dirty White Boy and goes to get a chair, but the Express run-in to prevent the attack and that causes the champions to get disqualified.  That ends the THUGS five-match winning streak.  Rating:  *

After the match, the THUGS and Express argue over the outcome of the match.  After the commercial break, the argument continues with Thatcher moderating.  The White Boy says he was not afraid of getting hit with a chair.  When Ricky Morton pops off on how the White Boy should just get brained with a chair next time, Tracy Smothers puts down the Express because they failed to capture the tag team titles even though they had four months to do it.

Tune in next week to see Boo Bradley & Bobby Blayze face Terry Gordy & Tommy Rich!

The Last Word:  Buddy Landel’s heartfelt promo on this show was the best thing that Smoky Mountain has produced this year and would have constituted a face turn if not for his continued affiliation with Cornette’s Militia.  The rest of the show did a good job hyping The Super Bowl of Wrestling even if the wrestling was mediocre.  The promotion has done well making Unabom seems like the Undertaker’s toughest SMW test to date.

SMW drew some poor crowds in West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky in the lead-up to The Super Bowl of Wrestling with each show attracting less than 200 fans.  Here were the results of those shows, courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Princeton, West Virginia – Princeton High School – July 28, 1995 (125):       Boo Bradley pinned Killer Kyle…The Dirty White Boy beat Unabom…Robert Gibson & Boo Bradley defeated the Headbangers when Gibson pinned Mosh…Brad Armstrong beat Buddy Landel.

Williamsburg, Kentucky – Whitley County High School – July 29, 1995 (150):          The Headbangers defeated Robert Gibson & Rockin’ Ron…Brad Armstrong beat Buddy Landel & Jim Cornette in a handicap match…The Dirty White Boy pinned Unabom.

Backstage News*:        In talent relations news, Ricky Morton was fired by SMW on July 23 due to problems between his girlfriend Andrea Calloway and Tracy Smothers’ fiancé, Angela Lambert.  Calloway, who used to be a roommate of Lambert’s, filed aggravated assault charges against Smothers and Lambert from an incident at a nightclub in Kingsport, Tennessee on July 8.  After a SMW house show, Calloway and Morton got into an argument and she attacked him, causing Smothers to get involved and pull Calloway off of Morton, who was not going to hit a woman.  Lambert then fought Calloway until tensions eased and all four started driving to Lambert’s parents house.  Tensions rose again in the car, though, and when the four reached Lambert’s parents driveway, Lambert reportedly jumped into the backseat and attacked Calloway, beating her to the point where she had two black eyes.  After this, Morton started no-showing SMW events and he and Smothers got into an argument and pull-apart brawl in Knoxville on July 15, with tensions rising further when police sought the arrest of Smothers and Lambert due to Calloway wishing to press charges.  After In Your House II, Jim Cornette and Randy Hales tried to get Morton to get Calloway to drop the charges in return for them paying Calloway’s medical bills.  Part of the reason they wanted the charges dropped is because Smothers custody of his son could be in jeopardy if he was arrested for beating up a woman, especially since Morton had initially said Smothers did not touch Calloway.  When Calloway refused to drop the charges, Cornette and Hales thought it was best to stop booking Morton since he and Smothers could not share a dressing room and it was easier to say that Morton had more control over Calloway’s future decisions than Smothers did.  Cornette was also angered that Morton did a promo for independent promoter Terry Landel’s show in Knoxville on August 19.  Cornette had originally told SMW talent that if they worked with Landel that they would not have a job with him.  With the Express now unable to face the THUGS for the SMW Tag Team Championship, the Heavenly Bodies will be brought in to take over the program.  It is also expected that Robert Gibson will remain with the company.

*Brian Armstrong, who worked as the Roadie in the WWF before leaving the company after In Your House II with Jeff Jarrett, is expected to come in and start working soon.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for August 7.

Up Next:  The Super Bowl of Wrestling!