What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – July 11, 1995

911 chokeslamming the Broad Street Bully, Chad Austin, Don E. Allen, and Dino Sendoff at Hardcore Heaven ’95 is shown.

Joey Styles hypes Heatwave ’95.  The card will feature the Sandman defending the ECW Championship against Axl Rotten, Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko facing each other in a tag team match where they will have mystery partners, Hack Myers against Val Puccio, Luna Vachon faces Steve Richards in a cage match, and the Public Enemy faces the Gangstas in a “caged and hoodie” match where there will be weapons for them to use in the cage.

The Hack Myers-Val Puccio contest from Hardcore Heaven ’95 airs.

The Dudley Brothers upset of the Pitbulls are Hardcore Heaven ’95 is shown, along with the Pitbulls post-match promo with Styles where they voiced their displeasure with Raven and Steve Richards.  This is followed by footage of the Pitbulls aligning with Tommy Dreamer and Luna Vachon when Raven and Richards beat them down earlier in the show.

Styles says that every tag team in ECW is aiming for Raven and Richards tag team titles.

Styles announces that Dean Malenko’s tag team partner at Heatwave ‘95 will be 2 Cold Scorpio, while Guerrero has chosen Taz.

Paul E. Dangerously warns Scorpio that he has stepped into a path of rage and Taz will Tazplex him out of existence.  He laughs off referee Bill Alfonso’s ban of the fans from the ECW Arena.

Footage from after Hardcore Heaven ’95 sees the Gangstas ambushing the Public Enemy when they leave the ECW Arena.  New Jack calls the Enemy “lyrical gangsters” that are nothing like the real item.  He puts over the Gangstas rap sheet in other promotions as Mustafa makes random sounds, vowing to win the clash between the two teams at Heatwave ’95.

The Last Word:  The Gangstas come off as the more serious team than the Public Enemy and they need a win at Heatwave ’95 to make the feud with the Enemy competitive.  Their match is going to have to draw people to the ECW Arena, though, because the rest of the card is weak in comparison to Hardcore Heaven.  Axl Rotten getting a title shot is a prime example of that.

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