Joshi Spotlight: Flying Dangerous vs. Aja/Sakie, & JWP on TV!

Hostess Roll Toyota runs wild!

Something a little different today, as I could only find one Tag League match from a particular show, but also found an episode of Champ Forum TV featuring JWP matches from 1993 as well! So it’s a double-whammy today!

“TL;DR: What’s the Big Deal?”: The three best wrestlers in AJW in one tag match, with the other one being a rookie phenom who can hold her own. Plus an interesting look at JWP in “normal people” interviews and that ***** Bull Nakano/Devil Masami match I’ve reviewed before!
Tag League THE BEST 1993:
FLYING DANGEROUS (Akira Hokuto & Manami Toyota) vs. AJA KONG & SAKIE HASEGAWA:
* Jesus, so it’s the top three workers and stars in the company all in one match, plus an heir apparent in the credible rookie Sakie. Flying Dangerous are in matching black, while Sakie & Aja are in matching red & white like before, making this look like a 1980s WWF tag team match, in the BEST WAY. Hokuto talks shit to JWP’s President & Mayumi Ozaki before the bout, anticipating her match with Ozaki at Thunder Queen Battle II. This is only three days after Akira took Rumi Kazama’s hair in a brutal match on an LLPW show, and the rest were just in jobber matches, so she’s gotta be feeling the worst. Plus she’s always hurt anyways.

Because Joshi, Flying Dangerous double-teams Sakie, knocks Aja off the apron, and hits double-team flying splashes on the kid. Aja takes over on Manami, literally trying to touch her foot to her head at one point, but Toyota hits the Running No-Hands Springboard Cross-Body on Sakie and Akira hits her roundhouse kicks for two. She runs through the usual torture (piledriver, casual sharpshooter, etc.), then pulls her lips apart and MANAMI of all people runs in for the Team Assist Chest Kick! The whole crowd on the hard camera marks out, and even Mima Shimoda (seconding on the outside) has to stifle a giggle in a great bit. Toyota adds a full nelson surfboard, MURDEROUS dropkicks, and other brutality, but Hokuto wants Kong! Aja of course muscles her down and the team pays Akira back for those chest-kicks. Aja adds piledrivers and splashes, just dismantling her for two. Superplex hits, but Akira escapes and Sakie beats on Manami and hits a nasty Liontamer. Aja uses a 2nd-rope splash and hiptosses out of the Rolling Cradle like usual, then Manami “Manami Rolls” out of a Powerbomb but gets Powerbombed out of a running version! Akira saves and Manami immediately hits the Cradle on Sakie, not really milking that powerbomb sell at all- damn thing lasts 45 seconds!

Manami’s Moonsault gets two, but a flying headbutt hits feet, but then Aja misses her Flying Back Elbow and Akira flies in with a missile kick to the face! Great timing there on the highspots. Akira dumps both and hits a Tope Con Hilo, then Manami hits the Walk-Up Super Quebrada! Missile Dropkick Sandwich gets two on Aja! Aja hits a snap Backdrop Driver from a Northern Lights Bomb attempt for two, coming back, and even lands on Akira when Manami hits a flying cross-body and they attempt to trip her up. Aja tries another Driver, but Akira lands on her feet and hits the Inverted Brainbuster! That gets two, and Aja desperately escapes, then Sakie takes the Dangerous Queen Bomb for two and Aja has to save. Toyota flies in with a headbutt but Akira takes it by mistake, letting Sakie hit Uranages on both women! Twice! Aja comes in and fires off the Uraken, then readies another, getting two- Manami saves! Sakie immediately runs in with the Savate Kick to deal with her, then an Uranage while Aja readies the Super Mountain Bomb to finish… but it’s the Sunset Flip Powerbomb reversal from Akira for the shocker three at (16:56 of 22:49 shown)! Aja falls to that again!

Wow- I’d only seen the match in the description and assumed it’d be good, but research revealed it popping up on a bunch of “Best of the Year” Top 100 lists. And no wonder- they let it all hang out here, throwing out a ton of cool stuff and unique spots (the dropkick sandwich), using everyone’s offense to maximum effect. They clipped out about six minutes worth of stuff (there’s one obvious clip in the beginning), but I’m not sure what else was gone. I liked how Aja did most of the offense for her team, but it was Sakie who had the best flurry of moves, taking out both members of Flying Dangerous, and AJA was the one who took the fall. Her losing to the Sunset Bomb Reversal again (like last year’s Grand Prix match against Manami) is some solid continuity, finding the one chink in Aja’s armor- and makes all future attempts at that move a little bit more dramatic- it was getting to be an “every match” thing with her, losing drama because she’d always kick out.

Rating: ****1/4 (could be higher with the stuff that was cut! Great match overall with some killer offense)

The other bouts this night:
CHIKAKO SHIRATORI & MIKI YOKOE vs. KUMIKO MAEKAWA & YUMI FUKAWA: Chikako’s team beats the others in a rookie tag bout at (9:05). Yokoe doesn’t sound familiar AT ALL.

LAS CACHORRAS ORIENTALES (Mita & Shimoda) & NUMACCHI vs. CHAPARRITA ASARI, KAORU ITO & TOMOKO WATANABE: Interestingly, ASARI teams up with the rookies who bullied her most of the year. LCO’s team wins at (16:21).

Tag League THE BEST Matches:
BULL NAKANO & SUZUKA MINAMI (AJW) vs. EAGLE SAWAI & YASHA KURENAI (LLPW): Eagle’s team wins the interpromotional match in a pretty quick (13:08), which is kinda surprising.

YUMIKO HOTTA & TAKAKO INOUE vs. KYOKO INOUE & TOSHIYO YAMADA: Hotta/Takako win at (19:40) in what sounds like a hell of a match, though it’s not rating anywhere I can see.


* Champ Forum seems to be a regularly-airing wrestling show that bounces around to various promotions without TV deals- I see videos featuring W*ING and other stuff as well. I found this random one with a focus on JWP, with their President talking to two TV hosts at the beginning. Mayumi Ozaki & Devil Masami soon join them, and they recap some of 1992’s JWP shows, then the great Hotta/Takako vs. Ozaki/Hikari war from the end of the year, and some early ’93 stuff like Ozaki/Kansai defending JWP’s honor by beating Hotta/Takako, then winning the WWWA Tag Team Titles from AJW’s top team! They talk for like a half an hour, Masami getting into it and laughing along, while Ozaki looks like someone forced her there under threat of termination.

They air commercials here, with a hilariously-dramatic Coca-Cola ad showing secretive edgelords in a dystopian, dark Tokyo drinking Coke rebelliously. And a billion “noodles to go” commercials for different brands. And… oh my god, they advertise WCW action figures ON-AIR, showing two guys playing with Ric Flair & Sting figures!

We start off with a Joined In Progress match between Candy Okutsu and someone I don’t recognize from the “Rookie Ranks”. I finally figured out the card looking at the later matches, and it’s Sumiyo Toyama, who had a pretty short run and quit for GAEA Japan. She seems less versatile than Candy, who keeps trying jacknife holds, but the other one pulls off a Rock Bottom for two, then gets rolled up trying another. Candy fires off a bunch of lariats to keep her down, then a release German and a bridging one (barely keeping the bridge) gets the three at… (21:25)!!?! Jesus, JWP shows and their match times…

Now onto the less-clipped matches!

* This looks like a bit of a mismatch on paper- these are the Tag Champs, but up against the Ace and the #2 wrestler? Kansai’s in a weird yellow, green & blue variant of her bodysuit, while Devil’s in purple, Cutie’s in white & black, and Ozaki’s in red. This is HEAVILY clipped.

The Champs use their speed to start, but Devil & Kansai calmly overpower them with lariats and power stuff. Ozaki tries rollups on the champ, while Cutie nails a Dragon Suplex after reversing something. They oddly leave in the submissions stuff, but Kansai Northern Lights Suplexes Ozaki and Devil gorilla presses her onto the turnbuckles, then gets a monster Powerbomb for two. Kansai’s Flying Headbutt misses and Cutie backdrops Ozaki onto her for two. The Champs both do Flying Double-Foot Stomps to Kansai, who bails only to eat a lariat off the apron while Ozaki cannonballs into Devil outside as well! The big girls soon overpower them out there, and Devil hits a Superduperplex, but Kansai knocks her into the corner and Cutie’s in… and she eats the Razor’s Edge, Ozaki getting overthrow powerbombed by still crawling over to save after two. Full Splash Mountain (sit-out Razor’s Edge), but Ozaki saves again. Devil hits a Northern Lights Superplex (one she used to beat Chigusa at Dream Slam!), but Ozaki AGAIN saves, as she’s too fast to be caught! So finally they deal with Ozaki and hit a Powerbomb/FLYING LARIAT combo, and of course that gets the three at (8:20 of 29:16 shown). Damn- looked like a heck of a bit of business- new tag champs!

Rating: **1/2 (I mean, it’s clipped to less than a third so all the meat is missing, but that was a heck of a finish)

* Fukuoka, well-thought-of but still a rookie, has ZERO chance here, but it should be a fun Big Vet vs. Little Rookie match because both are good at this point. Hikari’s in her floral print singlet, while Kansai’s in yellow & black.

Kansai lariats the kid before the bell, but Hikari hits a Super Powerslam of all things to come back. Kansai swiftly overpowers her, but Hikari uses the hilarious POPEYE PUNCH… which Kansai no-sells, visibly annoyed, then insults her by copying the wind-up and just lariating her down. Hee. Weardown holds and bullying kicks commence, until Hikari pulls off some flash pins and submissions, then works the leg. Kansai’s defiance and clear rage in a figure-four is great, and she bails to sell the damage. Missile Kick gets two, and Hikari keeps up the punishment, but finally gets caught trying a headlock and eats two Backdrop Drivers. Superduperplex gets… a “Fuck YOU!” bridge! Vicious piledriver and she kicks the shit out of Hikari, but she backflips out of the corner and hits a Rolling Cradle for two! Devil marks out for this on commentary, and a pair of Germans gets two. Moonsault misses, but Kansai gets stupid and tries a dive, eating the floor! Hikari dives off the second rope and gets two off a Missile Kick, and a Moonsault… gets two. Hikari, out of big moves, tries her Cartwheel Handspring into the corner, but eats a kick and Kansai hits… a somersault senton?! That was weird. Barely hit with an arm on the way down, too. Kansai milks a Splash Mountain, getting an easy three at (12:50 of 21:37 shown).

Rating: *** (a good Big vs. Little match shown, with Kansai acting like a dominating bully but giving Hikari just enough shine to make her look good, and like an upset just maaaaaaybe could be possible. Again, half was cut out)

And then they air that full ***** Devil/Bull match (18.04.1993) in its entirety, with their own commentary, taking up the last half-hour of the broadcast. Now THAT’s how you advertise your promotion and its live shows!

All in all, it’s a fun “tease”- I can imagine seeing just clips of 1/3 or 1/2 of a match would be disappointing, but it’d probably make the fans want to see the live shows or buy the VHS tapes, especially seeing that Bull/Devil match, which were probably the real reasons to showcase their stuff on a show like this!