Hogan/Snuka WM 2?

I think most of us can agree that Hogan/Bundy at WM 2 was pretty crap. Though obviously in 86 Hogan vs. any random blob monster Heel was going to sell like crazy either way. But I've always wondered if they messed up by not having Hogan vs. Snuka. The match would have been better obviously. It's more of a passing of the torch deal with a WWWF guy (Snuka) giving the rub to the new (ish) golden boy. Plus it being in a cage would have been more epic as that was Snuka's specialty. Could have done another dive and everything. Now if they didn't have the balls to do face vs. face in 86 you can always have Snuka turn Heel. And yes I know Snuka's probably a murderer and all that so i'm not trying to glorify him with this, hell I was never even really big on him before i knew about all of that. I just think from a business stand point it might have been a bigger marquee match. 

Do you think Hogan/Snuka would have sold better than Hogan/Bundy?

Aside from the fact that Snuka was gone from the promotion almost a year earlier, no, I don't think it would have worked.  People liked Snuka too much and you don't want to risk hurting Hogan's popularity for no reason and/or showing him up, and this was risking both things.  The more I consider it, the more I love the idea of Terry Funk getting the spot instead of Bundy.