Bret Hart in ECW

I was watching Kayfabe Commentaries “Guest Booker” with Raven where he humors the hypothetical scenario of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall ending up in ECW and it got me thinking—bearing no mind to the legality of the situation, what if Bret Hart and said fuck it and did a month stint in ECW before showing up at Starrcade? Three weeks between Survivor Series and November To Remember—how do you book him? 

Most importantly what’s his entrance music? 

“Sharpshooter” by the Aerosmith spinoff group Whitford/St. Holmes.  That song ROCKS.  

Anyway, legality aside, I think probably if he just went out there and basically said “I punched Vince in the face and loved it” he'd be the biggest babyface in ECW, and he wouldn't even have to wrestle or anything.  They could literally just promote him as being there and probably do a record gate for it.