The Cat

I thought The Cat from 98 to 2000 as a Heel was incredibly entertaining. He was funny as hell and got quite a lot of heat. In the ring he was….passable. Not great but not offensive or anything. I think they should have given the guy a 2 year Honky Tonk Man
type run with the TV title. Where he loses constantly by dq or countout. Loses lots of non title matches. Is in lots of tag matches. Goes weeks at a time without defending the belt. When he does win
its of course via massive cheating. If they do this imagine
the pop someone gets when they squash and beat him for the belt ala warrior. That guy would be MADE right then and there.
Somone like Vampire or even a Sean O'Haire or something. 

I thought he really came into his own as the authority figure, but I wouldn't really be into the idea of having him hold a title for any length of time, no.  You need to be a really specific kind of annoying for that Honky Tonk Man heat, and Miller had too much actual cred to pull it off. 

What do you think of this idear? Were you big on The Cat at all?