What the World Was Watching: USWA Championship Wrestling – August 12, 1995

The regular team of Lance Russell and Dave Brown are calling the action and they are broadcasting from the WMC-TV5 studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Opening Contest:  Axl Rotten (2-2) pins Blackjack Daniels after a splash off the top rope at 1:15:

Daniels is not the Blackjack Daniels who competed for the AWA in the 1970s.  Instead, it is a guy who moves slowly in the ring, performing one of the slowest blind charge sequences that I have ever witnessed.  Rotten catches on to his opponent’s weakness, gets out of the way of an avalanche against the buckles, and finishes with a belly-to-belly suplex and top rope splash.

Brown interviews Doug Gilbert, who cuts a somber promo about how the death of his brother, Eddie, affected him and how it makes him want to defend the USWA’s honor against SMW.  This is despite Eddie making his last televised appearance in January 1995 for SMW.  Gilbert calls out Brian Lee for abandoning the USWA in the “Rage in the Cage” match at the Mid-South Coliseum and hypes a first blood match between them for this Monday.  The promo had a good premise but went too long and became dull.

Brandon Baxter comes by the announce table and demands that Brown call Lee.  Brown complies and Lee is put on speaker phone, where he puts down Eddie Gilbert.  This is a nice idea, but the speaker phone does not work well and can barely be heard.  Doug Gilbert makes up for it by running out, leaping over the announce table, and tackling Baxter.

Non-Title Match:  Billy Jack Haynes (USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion) (15-1-1) pins Mr. Clyde after a chokeslam at 2:09:

T.D. Steel, who has unsuccessfully challenged Haynes twice over the past month, serves as the referee but the announcers overlook his past bouts with Haynes.  Steel calls it down the middle as Haynes plants Clyde with a release German suplex and chokeslam to win his seventh-straight singles match.

Russell talks with Randy Hales.  Hales recounts how he had to tell Doug Gilbert that his brother died in February.

Pat Tanaka (w/Brandon Baxter) (0-4-1) wrestles Bill Dundee (18-8) to a no-contest at 2:55:

Baxter does some special commentary, trading barbs with Russell throughout the contest.  There is not a lot of action here as Dundee and Tanaka collide off the ropes and referee T.D. Steel is taken out as a result.  Baxter rams Dundee into the ring post, which brings out Hales, and Hales and Baxter fight until Tanaka attacks Hales to defend his manager.  So the bout is ruled a no contest because order fails to be restored.

Russell interviews Dundee, who tells Baxter and his gang that if they do not like the USWA that they should leave.

Highlights of the Heavenly Bodies winning the USWA Tag Team Championship from PG-13 in Memphis are shown.  The Bodies prevailed because Dr. Tom Prichard nailed Wolfie D with Jim Cornette’s tennis racquet.

Brown talks with PG-13, who once again vow to regain the USWA Tag Team Championship.

PG-13 (27-15-2) beat the Gambler & the Yellow Jacket after J.C. Ice pins the Jacket after heel miscommunication at 4:14:

The Jacket is positioned on the card as a competitive jobber, so he and the Gambler go toe-to-toe with the former champions, surrendering little ground in a fun, four-minute television tag match.  PG-13 come out on top when the Gambler accidentally clothesline the Jacket.  Rating:  **

The Last Word:  After some action-packed episodes in recent weeks, this constituted a step backwards.  The promo segments were too long, and the main event’s outcome was never truly in doubt because the Jacket and Gambler have not won matches in ages.

The August 14 card at the Mid-South Coliseum drew less than 50% of the audience as August 7, with 1,400 fans paying a $8,600 gate.  Here are the results of that card, courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

-Axl Rotten (3-2) beat Gorgeous George III (12-18-1)

-USWA Women’s Champion Miss Texas (13-5-1) beat Uptown Karen (3-6)

-Steven Dunn (7-2-1) wrestled Pat Tanaka (0-4-2) to a draw

-Brandon Baxter (2-2) beat Randy Hales (1-0) in a lumberjack match after Brian Lee interfered.

-Bill Dundee, Phil Hickerson & Frank Morrell beat Buddy Landel, Robert Gibson & Tracy Smothers in an elimination match.

-Doug Gilbert (9-9-2) beat Brian Lee (10-11-1) in a first blood match

-PG-13 (28-15-2) beat USWA Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies (1-0) via disqualification after Brandon Baxter interfered.

-Tommy Rich (1-3-1) beat USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Billy Jack Haynes (16-1-1) via disqualification after Brandon Baxter interfered.  Brian Christopher served as the special guest referee.

Backstage News*:        The reason that Gorgeous George III was in the “Rage in the Cage” match in Memphis on August 7 was because Brad Armstrong refused to participate, arguing that he was a wrestler and the match was not going to feature wrestling moves.  This got a lot of heat on Armstrong and he may not be invited back to Memphis for months.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for August 21.

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