Roman reigns appearence

You've been stating for years about them needing to change Reigns look and they finally did, to a degree.  One thing i'm tired of is just how much everyone wears black, and not that much else.  I'm loving the badass heel Reigns but I think what else is needed  for him to go full on ego-driven KING OF THE SAMOAN DYNASTY, and act like hes the god or whatever can be worshipped.  I keep thinking some form of Okada's trunks with the loose bottoms, the designs, the gold and flash that makes it seem royal without going that overboard. Get some samoan tribal designs in there, lets also draw inspiration from Black panthers Killmonger because, i dunno, that guy ruled and i kinda agreed with him sometimes. 
He’s still got lots of time to tweak his look.  But the shirtless look is immediately 1000 percent better.