Friday Night “Party?” Thread: October 2, 2020

We made it!  (For some definitions of “we”, anyway.)

So with the shit hitting the fan all day, maybe Party Thread is the wrong term.  If SmackDown is pre-empted and shown on the Network or FS1 instead, I wouldn’t be remotely surprised.  We are in strange times… okay, strangeR times.

All I can say is: let’s be excellent to each other.  And come together in our hope that Yujiro Takahashi goes 0-9 in the G1.

But first, your Dark Match of the Week:

Okay, guys — you all know the rules.  We answered all questions in the back.  I expect a good clean thread.  Follow the mod’s instructions at all times.  So touch gloves, go to your laptops, and come out posting.

Enjoy the weekend!