Daily News Update – October 2, 2020

Well the weekend is nearly upon us, and I think I’m getting a cold.  Thus begins that weird and uniquely 2020 experience where you start questioning whether it’s JUST a cold or what.

WWE begins taking over their independent contractors’ Twitch accounts next month


But don’t worry, they’ll still get a percentage of the revenue taken in, which of course will generously count against their downside guarantee.  What a lovable scamp that Vince McMahon is!

NXT and AEW both had ratings increases against strong sports competition


Clearly the problem for the NBA’s ratings is that the Raptors were eliminated from the playoffs and Lebron is not a draw.

The Rock announcers XFL relaunch for 2022


Hopefully one of the new teams will be the Florida Man.  I want “Florida Man wins XFL Championship” to be a headline somewhere.

I don’t even have a wrestling match for you this morning, I just wanted to share one of Metal Ball Studios’ awesome CGI videos because I’m obsessed with them this week and must watch transfixed until the end every time I see one.