The PRIME TIME Thursday Night Thread: October 1, 2020

“Good evening once again, wrestling fans around the world, as it’s time for Prime Time Thursday.  Gorilla Monsoon standing by with Bobby the Brain Heenan, and Brain… Brain?  Come out from under the desk, Bobby!”

“I’m just playing it safe!  Retribution wasn’t on Raw — maybe they’re coming for our show!”

“Highly unlikely!  Folks, call your local cable or streaming provider to get NXT TakeOver 31 coming up this Sunday.  The superstars of NXT will be ready to fight for all the gold.”

“Just don’t say ’31’ around Velveteen Dream.  He’ll think we’re going to a Baskin-Robbins and start looking for a date.”

“…I’m not even dignifying that with a response, Brain.  In addition, Saturday on IWTV, one of the premiere tournaments in all the land will take place as the Black Label Pro group presents Turbo Graps 16!  A loaded field this year, Brain.”

“Loaded field?  Jake Roberts is in it?”

“HE IS NOT!  But you will see the likes of Alex Shelley, Kylie Rae, Brian Myers, Chris Bey, Tom Lawlor, Ethan Page… just to name a few, Brain.”

“And that’s just in the tournament!  My sources tell me that EC3, Deonna Purrazzo, and Warhorse are also involved among others!”

“It’s going to be a loaded double-size day of action, folks, with Part 1 at Noon and Part 2 at 4PM.”

“A one-hour break?  Gives me enough time to see Miro play Donkey Kong in between.”

“Well, he is fond of the old arcade games, Brain.”

“You don’t understand.  It’s a live-action play!  He got the role of the ape!”

“That’s enough, Brain.”

“I heard he beat you out for the role!”

“I’ll have you taken out of here if you keep this up!  Folks, it’s time for our feature bout of the evening as NXT superstar and potential WWE callup Chelsea Green is in action!”

“And if you look closely, you can see where Daniel Bryan kissed her!”

“Are you going to bring that up again?’


(I, uh, MAY have chosen this match for the look on her face.  Anyway, in addition to this, I present: BOTCHAMANIA!  Unfortunately, it appears the “YouTube Full Screen” has already been caught, but here’s the old Double-Screen-O-Vision!)

Bring the insanity!