Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #388 (30/09/2000)

Hello You!

Well here we are at the go-home show for Anarchy Rulz 2000! They’ve done a decent job hyping up the two feature bouts for this one but they could do with pushing some under card matches today, which I’m sure they will.

The Anarchy Rulz review should be up tomorrow, so keep a look out for that.

Let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

This week’s matches were taped from Salem, New Hampshire

Calling the action is Joey Styles

We open up with Jazz going at it with Blvis Wesley and Prodigette. It looks like it’s supposed to be a singles match between the two women and Jazz has it all under control. Blvis gets involved however and that allows Prodigette to pick up the win. Joey is annoyed that heel ref Danny Daniels allowed Blvis to get involved, but since when have run-ins been barred from ECW? ECW’s whole thing is that you barely have DQ’s, so if anything Daniels was doing what he should have done. Jerry Lynn comes down to get revenge on Daniels for all the trouble Daniels has been causing him recently, but Justin Credible and Rhino attack him. Steve Corino, Jack Victory (HIGH SPOT) and HC Loc make the save to set up a six man tag bout for later.

Joey runs down the Anarchy Rulz card
We have;
ECW Title
Champ: Justin Credible Vs Jerry Lynn
ECW TV Title
Champ: Rhino Vs Rob Van Dam
Cyrus Vs Joel Gertner
CW Anderson Vs Steve Corino
ECW Tag Titles
Champs: The FBI Vs The Unholy Alliance

Not a bad card all told

Opening Match
Psicosis Vs Mikey Whipwreck

This one strikes me as a styles clash, but it’s actually quite fun, with Mikey being over with the crowd and Psicosis selling his offence well whilst also getting in some nice stuff of his own. They even let Minister do some stuff too, as he gets some shots in when the opportunity arises. Both men trade the initiative, with neither really playing the heel, and Mikey eventually picks up the win with The Whippersnapper.


Decent TV opener

We get a handshake post-match and The FBI attacks both men until Danny Doring and Roadkill make the save.

Match Two
ECW Tag Titles
Champs: The FBI (Guido and Mamaluke) w/ Big Sal Vs Danny Doring and Roadkill

The faces run wild in the early going, but The FBI cuts Doring off and starts working him over. That doesn’t last long though and Roadkill gets the tag, which leads to things breaking down. Sal attacks Roadkill outside the ring and then comes in to give Doring a Samoan Drop, leading to The FBI picking up the win.

RATING: *1/2

Snappy but not much substance. I like the story they are telling of Sal always being the difference maker though.

Little Spike Dudley has added a stipulation to the Main Event in order to ensure the babyfaces don’t turn on one another, because if they do they’ll lose their matches at the pay per view.

Match Three
Extreme Deathmatch
EZ Money w/ Chris Hamrick Vs Balls Mahoney

What a random match. The heels make use of the rules to double on Balls, but he forks them in reply, drawing blood in the process. The heels fork Balls back, and this is a really unusual combination of guys for this sort of match. It’s watchable though, just a bit strange that you’ve got two high flying guys in there with a much bigger brawler and they’re doing this sort of match without any real storyline reason to do so. I wonder if it was some weird sort of test for the heels to prove they could mix it up and be extreme if the need arose. I mean, Hamrick flinging himself onto the concrete every night should have done that quite adequately if that is indeed the reason.

Fans fill the ring with beer cups at one stage, and Balls slams Money onto them in a surreal visual. The ring mat is going to be a write off following this. Balls looks legit angry about the fans throwing stuff, and takes it out on Hamrick with a chair shot. Money replies with a Buckshot Lariat and a version of the Dead Eye, as I’m starting to suspect that Hangman Page may have been a fan of his. Balls survives that though and gets the Nutcracker Suite to pick up the win.

RATING: *1/2

Weird match, but it wasn’t without its charm

We see that Francine has a cracked rib courtesy of Lynn.

Main Event
The Super Team of ECW Champ Justin Credible and ECW TV Champ Rhino along with Danny Daniels w/ Francine Vs Steve Corino, Jerry Lynn and HC Loc w/ Dawn Marie

This is a brawl to start, with everyone paring up and going at it all over the building. It should shock no one that Corino blades during all of this. It’s a fun brawl for the most part, although it loses a bit of impact when the previous match also had blood and brawling. Things eventually settle into more of a regular tag match, with Lynn getting worked over in the heel corner. Daniels is a good snivelling heel and comes in for the occasional cheap shot before scurrying away.

Corino eventually gets the hot tag and makes a good comeback, which leads to things breaking down. We get the long awaited fight between the refs, which Loc wins easily, but Credible breaks up his pin attempt. Corino hits Credible with the Old School Expulsion and looks to have it won, but CW Anderson breaks up the count to put some heat on their match for the pay per view. The heels then lay out the outnumbered Lynn and drag Daniels on top for the pin.

RATING: **1/2

That’s a really strange finish when you’re trying to get Lynn over for a Title shot. Obviously it’s to make you want to see him get revenge, but they could have done that without him getting pinned by the ref. It’s almost like Lynn Vs Daniels is the top feud and Credible is just there as an accoutrement, which is just odd.

Joey ponders how Lynn will bounce back from this as the show goes off the air.

In Conclusion

Strange finish aside, this was a decent go-home show and they’ve got what should be a good card from an in-ring perspective tomorrow. I doubt Cyrus Vs Gertner is going to be a classic, but it’s probably going to be short too and CW Vs Corino could be a dark horse for match of the night if they get time to put something together.

I’ll hopefully see you all tomorrow for Anarchy Rulz!