Being the Elite on YouTube

Was interested in your thoughts and everyone on the blog's thoughts on BTE. Do you watch or follow what they're doing?

I actually think this is an example where having some professional writers involved might actually help AEW.

I like the concept but I think overall, BTE just makes things weird now that AEW has a regular weekly show on TNT. I do watch BTE regularly. And I enjoy it for the comedy and periodic advancement of storylines, but it's not booked coherently within their “universe” of wrestling. The Dark Order is a good example. Either they should make the Dark Order a serious on-screen faction or make them a comedy troupe that does all of the silly stuff with the paper throwing bits, Kool Aid and Chili's sponsorship. But it's too schizophrenic right now and makes everyone involved seem like they're playing at wrestling as opposed to being wrestlers.

(Also, I won't ask “what say you” at the end of this email.)
I usually watch it as a part of my regular YouTube rotation in between Boundary Break and Toy Galaxy or whatever, but it’s not like appointment viewing for me and I certainly don’t pay a ton of attention to it while it’s on.  It’s just a pleasant diversion most of the time.