Workrate Over Story

Hey Scott–

So Timothy Thatcher busts into NXT with this badass shooter character, sends Matt Riddle packing to Smackdown, then promptly gets turfed in the elimination match to determine Finn Balor's next challenger.

Cameron Grimes, annoying twatmite who everyone wants to see get his ass beat, falls short to Kyle O'Reilly in the NXT #1 contender's match as well.

Which leads to Kyle O'Reilly, lifetime tag team guy (in NXT) challenging for the top singles title.

Is NXT crawling up its own ass too far? This match feels like a “6-star match that the internet will love!!!” more than a compelling story crafted to sell Takeover's next main event. I just feel like Finn v. The Second Coming of Stu Hart or Finn v. Idiot We All Want to See Destroyed would be far more interesting than Finn v. Guy Who We Know Won't Win But Hey, The Match Will Be Great.

What's your feeling on the NXT title picture going into Takeover? 

For me, I’m gonna watch it anyway, so I just want to see a good show.  Being excited about the buildup is just a bonus these days.