HBK’s issues

Hi Scott,

we all know that Shawn Michaels was a nightmare to deal with for a variety of reasons in the late 90s, but is there an accepted general start date for when he became a problem? You don't really hear about him, say, griping about doing a job in 1993. I assume
his ascension up the card over those years giving him more credibility/power/pull coincided with him becoming difficult to work with, and his drug issues obviously played a massive role, but can you remember when the first time you heard of his issues becoming
a thing was?

You don't hear about him griping about doing jobs in 1993?!  That's when the whole meme started!  That's why the ladder match at WMX came about, because Shawn was being a pain in the ass and failed the drug test that he still denies failing, and wouldn't give back the belt for a while.  In fact I'd say 1993 is pretty much when you can pinpoint the start of his “demons” with a fair degree of certainty.