Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Fall in the air…somewhere…not here, it was in the 90s all weekend. Chill out Florida!

We had a PPV last night. I watched it in pieces. Thomas and Scott both have reviews. Thomas thought it was excellent. Scott thought it was pretty basic until the main event. The general consensus from the board seems to lean more toward Thomas’ opinion.

The Reigns-Jey match was excellent. I thought Jey had done such good work on his end with the program I wanted to see if they could manage to make Reigns look like a monster and still elevate Jey. Mission accomplished. Reigns looked great. Physically he looks imposing. I have always been a fan of him as a worker. I think he has the best worked punch in wrestling and he doesn’t have to do a lot of complicated stuff because his basic stuff looks like it hurts.

Even though his turn took longer than people wanted, I like that he’s not just out there heeling for the sake of heeling and cutting down the fans and doing other rudimentary stuff. There’s real character development and a slower burn to where I think Reigns will ultimately end up. Even in the match he was a different guy as time went on. He got more angry, more aggressive, more vicious. I like that. I like that his anger and aggression is being drawn out of him.

RAW is live tonight maybe? Vince is probably tearing up the show and re-writing it as we speak. Retribution is on a quarantine, but something tells me they might just put other people in some of the gear to keep it going.

Hellacious competition in the sports world. Ravens vs. Chiefs features the last two MVP award winners and two of the most exciting QBs in football. Game 6 of the Stanley Cup is tonight with the Lightning looking to close it out. MLB is on break until the playoffs start tomorrow. NBA is on break until the Finals start Wednesday.

More of Hogan-Piper super friends from 1987. Their match against Orndorff and Kamala in Philadelphia.

Keep it clean!