WWE’s Storytelling Over The Last 20 years

Hey Scott,

I've noticed in the comments people talking about WWE 's storytelling really being dogshit for the last 20 years. You can pinpoint almost to the month that Stephanie took over — I think the HHH/Steph/Angle story was the first great story they completely f----- up, and most stoies since have major storytelling gaps. 

Having said that, which has been the best? I think the Batista/HHH/Evolution story was very well told. I thought the Desperate Shawn Michaels ending the streak story was nicely told, too. And I personally loved the 2017 storyline of Rollins and Ambrose reuniting to win the tag belts from Sheamus/Cesaro. 

I thought Orton/Hardy in 2008 had a great start but they f----- it up. And the Bryan/Yes movement stuff had a great ending but was a terribly told story.

Maybe Kofi's run to the World Title?

The Mark Henry/Cena mini story they told was well done, but probably too short. Any I'm missing? It seems excellent storytelling with major arcs isn't their thing. What are some of your favorites?
The Batista one was great.  I thought People Power was actually excellent and they knew exactly when to just shut it down and write the character off TV for good.  The Summer of Punk up to the payoff was tremendously compelling TV.