Another HHH in WWE Champions game

The WWE Champions game, which I know you love, is adding yet another HHH character: Zombie HHH. 

Since we already have Authority HHH, The Game HHH, DX HHH, Masters of the Universe HHH, King of Kings HHH, how hard will you work to get this exciting new addition? And which is your favorite?

Zombie HHH is the chase character for October which only 1% of the 1% will get anyway so I'm not terribly worried about it.  What's really stupid is that they made him another striker, when they already have a HHH in that class.  Honestly this past month has been probably the worst monthly event they've ever done, with a terrible free character (Pete Dunne) and barely enough resources available to level him up.  I've never used DX HHH because you have to pay for him, and I've never used MOTU HHH because he's impossible to get.  I've had King of Kings off and on and he's probably the best one of the guys that normal people can get, but he literally has one moveset and if you don't win in the first go-around you're screwed.

Anyway, if I could ever get the Masters of the Universe version he'd probably be my favorite, but I'm not going to be working particularly hard for this one either.