The Dickman and a new faction?????

So what if all the ladies in the WWE started talking about “him”. Very vague terms. Eventually “him” is just a mystery man with no name who has been seen hanging out in the ladies locker rooms and shower rooms. He eventually is called The Dickman because well
let's just say he's a lot of man. The ladies all stop giving a s--- about their
womens revolution and revert back to attitude era divas like catfights, bra and panties matches and lots of other lewdness. Like they all pretty much forget how to wrestle, they're
all just eye candy again. And it's because of jealousy because they all want to “get with” The Dickman.

BUT it turns out The Dickman is the son of Val Venis! Thus the massive unit. He's been scheming with both Son Of Gobbledy Gooker and Dominik Mysterio and that fat f--- somoan from Legacy back in 09. They form a new group called Son Of A Bitch or SOAB. All second
gen guys all looking for different types of revenge! They can feud with both Retribution, Underground and all the WWE guys and also NXT. 

I think they need to hire you, stat.