How would you run AEW’s second show?

Hi Scott,

I think AEW has done a great job of building up talent heading into their second show. I was afraid they were going to water down what they had to fill two shows.  But the way they have put a shine on Starks, Cage, Archer, Kingston, etc…. makes me think they are on the right path.

That being said, how would you run the second show?  Do you have storylines from Dynamite CI lead directly into the second show, or do you make it a distinct program with its own storylines/talent? 

With so much wrestling content on every week do you risk backlash if you make both shows required viewing. I personally have enjoyed not feeling like I miss anything if I skip the 234 weekly matches on AEW Dark.

I think they'll probably make it like a TV version of Being the Elite, very storyline-heavy and wacky. Dark is the show that's ALL wrestling, and Dynamite is the combination of both of them.