What the World Was Watching: USWA Championship Wrestling – August 5, 1995

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are continuing their regular commentary duties from the WMC-TV5 studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Opening Handicap Contest:  Brandon Baxter & Uptown Karen defeat Miss Texas after Downtown Bruno interferes at 4:43:

Baxter and Texas have great chemistry and things go well at the beginning when they lead off the match.  Sadly, Karen is nowhere near their ability in the ring, so things go downhill after she tags in.  Texas rallies after Karen missed an elbow drop, leading to Baxter distracting the referee for an inordinate amount of time so that Bruno can suddenly care about his wife again, toss powder in Texas’ eyes, and help the heels go over.  Referee ignorance goes to a whole new level with that finish as the referee like it is no big deal that Texas suddenly has powder all over her face.  Rating:  *¼

Russell talks with Baxter, who becomes a traitor and pledges his allegiance to Smoky Mountain Wrestling.  Baxter promises to show footage later in the show of PG-13 getting hurt in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Referee Bill Rush finally comes to his senses about the opening match, announcing that he is reversing the decision.  If Bill Alfonso worked in the USWA in 1995, he would surely come out here and complain about a violation of the statute of limitations.

Billy Jack Haynes cuts a taped promo, putting himself over as the ultimate fighting machine.  At this point he was no longer the USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion as Brad Armstrong beat him for the title at the Super Bowl of Wrestling.

Brandon Baxter comes out with the footage he promised segments earlier.  It shows PG-13 cutting a promo for SMW’s Super Bowl of Wrestling before they are attacked by Mark Curtis, Tracy Smothers, Tom Prichard, and Jim Cornette.

Doug Gilbert (8-9-2) beats Pat Tanaka (w/Brandon Baxter) (0-2-1) via disqualification after Baxter interferes at 3:03:

Before the match, Baxter bills Tanaka as the newest member of the Legend Slayers, a faction that has not been mentioned in weeks and that Gilbert used to be a part of, or at least we think he used to be a part of it because Gilbert is aligned more with the babyface side of the roster ever since he agreed to help PG-13 against SMW.  The match hardly develops as each man runs through some basic offense.  That means chops and chokes for Tanaka and slaps from Gilbert.  Baxter makes the predictable run-in after three minutes of action.  Rating:  ½*

Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee (1-1) defeat the Gambler & Gorgeous George III (w/Uptown Karen) (0-3) when Dundee pins George with a schoolboy roll up at 4:39:

The only exciting thing to happen in this match is Dundee slipping out of the ring during a criss-cross segment with George and getting into #MeToo territory by kissing Karen against her will.  All of the participants seem to be somewhere else as methodical offense rules the day.  Lawler punches George in the gut when he runs the ropes and Dundee schoolboys George for an underwhelming win.  George is eating a lot of losses since early June, and this match marks his fourteenth-straight loss.  Rating:  ¼*

Johnny Rotten & Brian Lee (w/Brandon Baxter & Downtown Bruno) defeat Axl Rotten & T.D. Steel when Lee pins Steel after a Rotten powerbomb at 1:17:

It took less than a month for the USWA to put Axl in the lower midcard as anyone teaming with Steel is not going anywhere soon.  Axl and Johnny collide early and even Steel manages some offense for a few seconds.  However, he is predictably overwhelmed by the heels and Johnny powerbombs Steel behind the referee’s back so Lee can get the winning pin.

Russell talks about the USWA’s appearance at a fair in Russell Springs, Kentucky that drew a large crowd.

The Last Word:  The inter-promotional feud is great, but the USWA has nothing going on beyond that.  Jerry Lawler has had very few meaningful title defenses since he captured the USWA Unified World Championship months ago and Billy Jack Haynes is running out of good challengers.  Hopefully some more storylines are developed in the coming weeks as this show lacked the energy of previous episodes.

The USWA drew its second-biggest crowd of the year to the Mid-South Coliseum on August 7 – second only to Memphis Memories II – as 3,000 fans paid $17,000 to see the following card, with results coming from prowrestlinghistory.com:

-Steven Dunn (6-2-1) beat Gorgeous George III (12-17-1)

-Brian Lee (9-11-1) beat Axl Rotten (2-1)

-Bill Dundee (17-8) defeated Pat Tanaka (0-3-1)

-Doug Gilbert & Tommy Rich (10-7-2) beat Tracy Smothers & Robert Gibson

-Billy Jack Haynes (14-1-1) beat USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong to win the title

-Frank Morrell & Randy Hales defeated Jim Cornette & Mark Curtis

-The Heavenly Bodies beat USWA Tag Team Champions PG-13 (27-14-2) to win the titles

-USWA Unified World Champion Jerry Lawler (19-4) beat Buddy Landel (2-2)

-Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, PG-13, Doug Gilbert, Tommy Rich & Billy Jack Haynes defeated Tracy Smothers, Robert Gibson, Gorgeous George III, Buddy Landel, Pat Tanaka & the Heavenly Bodies in a “rage in the cage” match.  After the match, Haynes attacked Rich and gave the handcuff key to Brian Lee, who unlocked all of the SMW wrestlers who were handcuffed to the cage.  The SMW stars do a beatdown and Brian Christopher hits the ring, only to have him succumb to the SMW beatdown as well.

Backstage News*:        The USWA-SMW feud is doing well around the whole USWA circuit.  A show in Nashville on August 5, where Brandon Baxter was an SMW proxy because their talent was booked elsewhere that night, drew a $6,400 house, and a show in Louisville on August 1 drew 1,600 fans and $10,000.

*Brian Christopher is expected to return to action in a week or two.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for August 14.

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