Timelines Bret/Owen

Howdy Scott, hope all is well?

I've been checking out a few of the “Timelines” on the network of late, and while I can't agree with all their choices of angles, I do love the concept in general and it's the type of thing I hope they build and improve on.

Anyways, I watched the Bret/Owen one and it got me thinking: is there any doubt at all that Owen was the winner of this feud?

-Owen embarrassed at Survivor Series
-They mend fences; an amazing promo by the boys setting up the Quebecers match, with Owen throwing all kinds of shade (and a tiny bit from Bret too; it's a great promo)
-Owen kicks his leg out from under his leg
-Mania X: Owen wins clean!
-Summerslam: Bret wins in the cage (no pin nor submission)
-Survivor Series: Owen successfully convinces his own mother to throw in the towel and cost Bret the title, then runs off giggling.

And essentially: end of feud. And from there, so far as I'm concerned, it remained until 1997 when Bret basically begged Owen and Davey to join him instead of fighting each other.

My question such as I have one: was there anything post Survivor Series 94 between the two to give Bret back the upper hand on his brother that I'm forgetting?? By WM XI Owen was with Yoko and Bret had one of his worst big event matches.

So like is there ANY argument to be made that Owen didn't categorically defeat his legendary sibling in this particular feud?
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